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How COVID-19 is Impacting Girls' Education: At Home and Abroad —

At home and around the world, the educational lives of students are changing this fall. As many grapple with trying to learn in a new environment with new technology, others are merely trying to recreate what they have lost: a stable and safe place to learn. However, school closures and the switch to distance learning has disproportionately affected our female student population in their education journey. Just two weeks ago, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization s

America's Poll Worker Shortage — Shit you should care about

Over half of all poll workers in America are over the age of 61 (U.S. Election Assistance Commission), and with the threat of COVID-19 many are being asked to place their lives on the line to ensure due process for their local community. The election is 4 months away - now is the time to call on other members of our own community to organise, rise to the challenge, and volunteer. The voter horror stories from the Primaries made headlines in the mainstream media after many working-class America

Individualism and COVID-19 —

The day every American decided what type of person they were going to be during a global pandemic. Toilet Paper and Lysol panic buyers or idealistic Survival Shoppers. COVID party attendees or reusable mask wearers. Freedom Rally protestors or Tiger King Binge watchers. The list goes on. As we watched cases rise, instead of staying home, we continued to urge our state and local governments to re-open non-essential shops. The nation watched as mainstream media began to cover horror stories abo

Graduating During a Pandemic — Isa Magazine

Pomp and Circumstance March plays as I walk on stage to receive my hard-earned high school diploma is what I envisioned for me at the end of my senior year, but did not receive. During high school, in the heat of IB and AP exam season, I looked forward to graduation. Experiencing the highs and lows of growing up, I had hoped that a traditional graduation was certain, almost inevitable. Then came, COVID-19. Being a part of class of 2020 ultimately has changed my outlook on life and perspective o

The Unfortunate Toxic Underbelly of Today’s Feminism

Feminism, the belief in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. In principle, Feminism is necessary to ensure equal opportunities and success for all women worldwide. However, the idea of equality for all has changed over time, leaving many outcast despite the preaching for “inclusivity and diversity.” In modern Feminism, different toxic aspects and ideals have become the new norms, despite these beliefs not representing the original goal of the movement, or even the authentic

Redefining Shopping Second Hand: Environmentalist Approach

I grew up shopping at a swap-meet for clothes and other items. In reality, it was all I knew and saw it as normal until I began to realize wearing second-hand clothing was looked down on. I began to notice how if peers or others knew where I got my favorite shirt, I might not be seen as stylish. At the time, mentioning consignment shops, thrift stores, swap-meets, or anything related, was taboo. It was seen as dirty and a sign of “poverty.” Now, I catch myself telling others, “Your vintage find

IMPOSTER SYNDROME: An Intersectional Approach

Have you ever felt that your achievements are just luck? Do you often wonder if your accomplishments are truly meant for you? Well, you are not alone. Despite not being listed in the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Imposter Syndrome is very real. The reality of imposter syndrome is often hidden but not uncommon. After being introduced by psychologists, Suzanne Imes, PhD, and Pauline Rose Clance, PhD, in the 1970s, imposter syndrome is described as a phenomenon th

Power the Polls Gen Z!

Many do not know there is a national poll worker shortage on an election year. This is not just any election year, this is one where we are going through record-high unemployment, a global pandemic, and racial divide. With so much at stake in this year’s election regardless of which side you are on, voting is the answer. Yet, the general election is less than 100 days away, and so many have failed to realize that COVID-19 has only made voting and staffing polling stations nearly impossible. Howe

Get Involved: Local and State Election Edition

Did you know that the Presidential election is not the only time you should be casting your vote? While the Presidential election happens every four years, the congressional election happens every two, and state and local elections are every year. Why is this important? Typically, voters view the presidential election as the most influential. However, state and local elections impact you more directly. State and Local elections are often the changes that seen most in your community. Remember th

Amplify the Unheard

Voting is not always just about oneself; it is for the greater good. This election year, I will vote for those who do not see the importance of voting and those who can not. During an election, it is imperative to remember that those who need the most often go unheard. Listed above are groups of people not allowed to even cast their vote. So with that, thousands of people live and participate in society yet cannot voice their opinions and concerns and take part in casting their vote. I vote for