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The GOP’s False Fentanyl Narrative

The opioid crisis has impacted numerous lives nationwide, including the Latino community. As overdose deaths in the Latino community tripled since 2011, fatalities from overdoses are continuing to rise in connection to the rise of fentanyl. With the increase in fentanyl presence in cities, often mixed with other substances, experts warn how the opioid epidemic is transforming into a phase that is almost entirely dominated by the illicit traffic of fentanyl.

Fentanyl is spreading across communit

Battling for Reproductive Rights: Ohio's Religious Communities Advocate for Abortion | ACLU

Next week, Ohio voters will decide whether to pass Issue 1, a state constitutional amendment protecting decisions about pregnancy including contraception, fertility treatment, miscarriage care, and abortion. Ohioans from every walk of life — and across the political spectrum — have come together to put an end to the state’s extreme abortion ban and enshrine protections for reproductive freedom in their state constitution. As we approach the election, our friends at the ACLU of Ohio and Ohioans U

Founders Feature: Stories of Consent, Emily Bach & Maya Siegel —

Q: What motivates you in your activism journey? EB: I draw most of my hope from the people around me, who subtly reveal that even amidst a country wrought with violence, there are people who fight for love. Tender, unexpected moments are most important to me. Holding hands with survivors at the Capitol in protest. Receiving messages of support from people countries away. Watching those people form coalitions to fight for justice. I believe in a better, more just world because in the pockets of t

activist feature: Kelly, @DisabilityInsight —

Q: What was your inspiration behind @disabilityinsight? K: I grew up with two legally blind sisters, and have witnessed the depths of discrimination from watching them endure various discrimination my entire life. I now challenge this passion of wanting to create a more inclusive and just world for the disabled community in every way possible, so I wanted to to utilize the space I had on here to do good. In short, I saw Instagram as a way to reach people and connect with them, and hopefully to d

Author Feature: Emily Ladau —

Emily Ladau is a passionate disability rights activist, writer, storyteller, and digital communications consultant whose career began at the age of 10, when she appeared on several episodes of Sesame Street to educate children about her life with a physical disability. Her writing has been published in outlets including The New York Times, CNN, Vice, and HuffPost and her first book, Demystifying Disability, was published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House, in September 2021.

AUTHOR FEATURE: Becca Rea-Tucker of The Sweet —

Becca Rea-Tucker is a baker and pro-abortion activist with a passion for mixing sugar + strong opinions. She likes destigmatizing abortion, using baked goods as an artistic medium, talking about feelings, and all butter pie crust. She is the author of choose-your-own-adventure cookbook Baking by Feel, and publishes a weekly Substack newsletter called A Little Something Sweet. She lives in Austin, TX with her partner Rhys and very good dog Otie. Baking by Feel is available now to order! Pick up a

EDUCATOR FEATURE: Anusha Wijeyakumar —

Q: What motivates you in your personal mindfulness and wellness journey? AW: My personal motivation stems from the fact that until we can all be well, none of us are truly well. I repeat this in each class to my students as a Professor at San Diego State University where I teach on collective care and the intersection of wellness and social justice. So often there is a hyper focus on the self in western wellness spaces which feeds rife individualism. Whilst the philosophy of Yoga is a path to in

AUTHOR FEATURE: Melissa Cristina Márquez —

Melissa Márquez is a marine science education expert, currently finishing her doctoral degree at Curtin University. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Mexico, Melissa has worked at the forefront of marine science education and communication for over a decade, hard at work combatting the misinformation that's rampant in ecological fields — and paving the way for Latina women like her in science. Melissa’s picture book, Mother of Sharks (Madre de los Tiburones) is set to be published May 30, 2023 b

6 tips for advocating & organizing community action for consent education — Feminist

Ask to meet with your local politician, principal, community leader, or all of the above! More often than not, they’ll be thankful that you took the time to share your experience, thoughts, and insights with them.

2. Keep the narrative about culture and change, not individuals

The media can dramatize victims and perpetrators of sexual violence for clicks and sales and frame sexual violence as an isolated issue. Focus the need for consent education on is its ability to create environments that

AUTHOR FEATURE: Melissa Cristina Márquez —

Melissa Márquez is a marine science education expert, currently finishing her doctoral degree at Curtin University. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Mexico, Melissa has worked at the forefront of marine science education and communication for over a decade, hard at work combatting the misinformation that's rampant in ecological fields — and paving the way for Latina women like her in science. Melissa’s picture book, Mother of Sharks (Madre de los Tiburones) is set to be published in May 2023 by

Founder Feature: Joycelyn Longdon, Founder of climateincolour —

JL: I was inspired to start ClimateInColour when I found out I had been accepted into my PhD programme. I had just wound up a previous social advocacy platform and creative studio, BlackOnBlack, that worked with BIPOC creatives. I was eager to continue the theme of design-led, community-centred advocacy and public communications, but this time, take all that I had learned to advocate for climate justice. Q: What motivates you in your activism journey? JL: I am motivated by my ancestors and all t

Author Feature: Aja Barber —

Aja Barber, writer, stylist, and consultant, work aims to tackle the ideas behind privilege, wealth inequality, racism, feminism, colonialism and how to fix the fashion industry with all these things in mind.

Aja’s latest book, Consumed: The Need for Collective Change: Colonialism, Climate Change, and Consumerism, is a true testament to this mission as it explores the intersections of sustainability and the fashion landscape.

“A call to action for consumers everywhere, Consumed asks us to look

Activist feature: Isabel Mavrides-Calderon

Q: As a disabled young latina, how have your lived experiences shaped your approach towards activism? IMC: As a young person growing up, most of the time when I would hear about disability, it was about finding a cure for disabilities. I never heard about disability from a civil rights, policy, or accessibility perspective.When I became disabled, I thought that my body solely caused the barriers I faced. Being disabled, advocacy wasn’t really a choice, but a survival mechanism, because I needed

Author Feature: Lara Parker —

Lara Parker is a writer, editor, and the author of Vagina Problems: Endometriosis, Painful Sex, and Other Taboo Topics. She began writing in college around the time of her diagnosis with endometriosis and “hasn't stopped writing about her vagina since.” Lara's first book, Vagina Problems…, is a truthful and raw memoir of her experience with endometriosis from diagnosis to dating without sex, work-life balance, and more. With unflinching honesty, Lara Parker, the Deputy Director for BuzzFeed, sha

TOOLKIT: End Gun Violence —

On the 5th year anniversary of March For Our Lives, FEMINIST is mobilizing alongside youth, parents, teachers, care providers, and everyone who cares about young people affected by gun violence to demand ACTION.

Guns are now the leading cause of death for children and young people. This is unacceptable. Young people refuse to die waiting for change. We will continue to fight for our lives. And we will win. We are fighting for legislation that will ban assault weapons, close background check loo

Black History Month 2023 — Feminist

Nina Simone was an innovative artist, musician, and civil rights activist whose legacy has inspired people around the world. Born in North Carolina in 1933, Simone began her career as a classical pianist before evolving into jazz and soul music.

Simone's music was deeply rooted in her experiences as a Black woman living in America. Throughout her career, she used her platform to speak out against racism, inequality, and injustice. Her iconic song "Mississippi Goddam" was a powerful statement

International Women's Day 2023 — Feminist

In the 1900s, women around the world actively campaigned for change against oppression and inequality. Specifically, in 1908, over 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours better pay, and voting rights in an increasingly industrialized economy.

In November 1909, 23-year-old Ukrainian immigrant Clara Lemlich addressed hundreds of garment workers. A local chapter of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union had organized the meeting to discuss an industry-wide strik

Talks: In conversation with Mikaela Loach —

Mikaela Loach is a climate activist and author based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mikaela's new book, IT'S NOT THAT RADICAL: Climate Action To Transform Our World, dives deep into climate justice & liberation by offering a new and radical perspective on ways to take real climate action and mobilize to change the world as we know it for the benefit of us all.

IT'S NOT THAT RADICAL: Climate Action To Transform Our World is available for preorder now!

Chelsea VonChaz, Founder of #HappyPeriod — Feminist

Q: What does being a feminist mean to you?

CVC: Ha! Well first of all, I’ll need to ask for your definition of feminist. I don’t truly identify as a feminist because of what I’ve witnessed of non-Black individuals claiming it, performing it within the movement, using the term for unaccountability, and using it cause harm onto others. Maybe it’s more so western feminism that I don’t fuck with. I respect radical Black feminists like Dr. Loretta Ross. So if Professor Ross is leading the feminist m

Author Feature: Sarah Akinterinwa —

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Akinterinwa started her illustration career by creating the comic Oyin and Kojo, showcasing light-hearted single-panel cartoons of a black-British couple's everyday life. After a New Yorker cartoon editor discovered her work, Sarah then became a cartoonist for The New Yorker magazine, leading her to become a full-time artist, creating comic, editorial cartoons, and illustrations. Her work explores dating, relationships, identity, and politics wh

FEMINIST Founder Feature: Amahle Ntshinga

AN: I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was 8 years old, I just did not know what type of business I wanted to start. When I was in Business School, I got a better understanding of how hard it is to grow a successful business in South Africa, our high unemployment rates, and the socioeconomic issues that affect Black and Brown South Africans. Thus, I wanted to do something to help. Whilst still in Business School, I was watching the show Being Mary Jane. Gabrielle Union’s character was a w

FEMINIST Talks: In conversation with Monica Raye Simpson of Sister Song —

💡SisterSong is a Southern-based, national membership organization focused on building a network of individuals and organizations to improve institutional policies and systems that impact the reproductive lives of marginalized communities.

🌟This year, SisterSong is releasing its new visions for reproductive justice through its new Visioning New Futures for Reproductive Justice 2023 Declaration. For more information on their vision and demands, visit
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